|Paper Thin|

"When the darkness of winter and the world wears the spirit out; Paper Thin comes from that place of stress and rumination. It's a slow moving molasses state of emotional fiction, where dreams seem completely out of reach. But we can help each other, we can hold each other, gently...  

In February 2018, Richard Lobb and I isolated ourselves in the borrowed house of a traveling circus clown in the green hills of Trallong, Wales, to record an album I had sworn to myself would truly reflect my soul, rather than attempt to uplift it. It feels like growing up.  

I cannot pretend to be something I am not; life is too short.  

My bandmates and friends Anders and Nicolai joined us later in London at Narcissus Studios and added texture and depth to the recording, just as they do to my life.  

The new album is called Deep Snow, because my body feels colder when it is sad and the smallest task can only be achieved through extreme effort.  

Sometimes, I feel |Paper Thin|."

–Simon Lynge

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