Simon Lynge's music has a way of captivating one's soul, at once melodic and beautiful, yet powerful in its presence and boldness. His lyrics are poetic, and speak candidly from personal experience, sometimes of inner darknesses and existential challenges. Astute observations of our world and humanity weave their way into his songs, and a real perception of the beauty of life lends to buoy the listener into a joyful space, even in the midst of deep sorrows.  

Recently honored with a nomination from the 16th annual Independent Music Awards for his last record, the Greenlandic-Danish singer songwriter just finished recording his latest album in a secluded cottage in the green hills of Wales, and in the eclectic atmosphere of Narcissus Studios in London. The album is collaboration with longtime friend and musical partner, Richard Lobb.

Simon grew up in both Denmark and Greenland. He always felt a strong affinity for his arctic homeland, with its abundant, unspoiled nature and deep connection to the earth and its creatures. Simon's musical roots come from Greenland, where his father is an acclaimed accordion player, and his grandfather was a composer and conductor and namesake of a church choir in Qaqortoq, which still exists to this day.
Simon began singing as a boy in a church choir in Denmark, and was inspired to begin writings songs in his teenage years by the music of Jimi Hendrix, The Doors, Simon & Garfunkel and Crosby Stills & Nash, among others. 

Simon's music brought him to Copenhagen first, then to the UK and the US. His last album, The Map of Your Life, was recently nominated in The 2018 Independent Music Awards in New York. He has had several song placements on US network television and film, appeared on BBC Breakfast TV, performed at Glastonbury Festival, toured with Emmylou Harris and when he's not wielding his instrument he can often be found on a soccer pitch, much like his idol, Bob Marley.

Photo by Janna Marit